Hollister Tremors     



Competitive Team Tryouts at Veterans Memorial Park


2001 February 24th 10:30am-12:30pm

2003 Open tryouts please contact Coach David at 408-202-2984

2005 February 19th 4:30pm

2007 February 7th & 12th 4:30pm

2008 February 21st 4:30pm

2009 January 28th 4:30-6pm


2002-February 6th 4-5:30pm

2003-February 6th 4-5:30pm

2004-February 17th 10am-12pm

2005-February 17th 10am-12pm

2006-February 8th 3:30-5:40pm

2007-February 11th 3-5pm

2008-February 11th 3-5pm

(*note: age groups are by birth year)

*Thank you to all the Hollister Tremors volunteers

  1. *Hollister Tremors does not have a Facebook or other social media presence.

  2. *Hollister Tremors will not be participating in any events unrelated to youth soccer programs on a soccer field.

  3. *Hollister Tremors presently does not have any plans to host any youth soccer camps or clinics during spring 2018.